School Medical Bag – Large


Large Medical Bag for Schools



– School Medical Bag – Ideal for storing EpiPens, antihistamine and asthma medication.

  • Portable insulated School Medical Bag
  • One place for all your children’s medication
  • Ideal for storing children’s medication or for carrying medications on excursions and school camps
  • Customised insert is visible in a clear PVC Pocket allows staff to clearly identify the child, their allergies, medication details including expiry dates.


Designed to support children at risk of anaphylaxis or asthma, this insulated bag is easily identifiable in an emergency.  The bag is large enough to house Epipens, antihistamine, Ventolin, spacer and mask. The clearly designed label ensures that the correct child’s medication is quickly accessed in an emergency.


Length 25 cm

Width 20 cm

Height 15 cm


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