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Talking to your child about allergies

For parents, the children’s allergy program provides fun, interactive learning, designed to engage children

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The  Kids Allergy Program is designed to support parents in educating their child about allergies using our interactive educational guide, online story, and activities. 

Suitable for:  2 – 10 year-olds 

The birthday books portray food allergies in a non-threatening way, in simple language so young children can understand. We have resources for parents with discussion points that they can print out and activities to do with their children. This helps to reinforce teaching points and opens further discussion on food allergies and how it may relate to your child and family.

The birthday book has several Key Teaching Points

– A unique teaching resource for parents to explain food allergies clearly for young children

– Providing allergy awareness in a non-threatening way.

– Bright, visual aids to engage children.

The kids allergy program creates thought-provoking conversations, empowers kids with knowledge, creates understanding in families, and provides children and parents the confidence to manage their health and wellbeing.


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What Parents are Saying About the Program


I absolutely loved the book “Thai goes to a birthday party”. I found that the information in the book was very well written and was easy to read to my two-year-old daughter. The bright and appealing illustrations really engage my daughter’s attention too.


After reading the book for about the 25th time, I asked her why she liked it. She explained to me that she loves how Thai  doesn’t have to miss out on anything at the party (his mum has pre-prepared everything that is needed) and that because everyone looks out for him he can be normal too. My daughter is only 3 years old.
Sometimes your kids are so much smarter than you give them credit for.


The kids love to shout out “NO! DANGER FOOD” when you ask the question can Thai eat this food. Thai goes to a birthday party is definitely one of Mason’s favourites, that we read night after night!!!


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