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One in 10 Australian kids will develop a food allergy*

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Meet Thai & Rabbie

The book character Thai is a highly relatable little boy. He has severe allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, shellfish and milk.

Thai’s positive attitude shows other children how food allergies don’t have to stop you from joining in. Thai is confident and educates his friends, family and classmates on the importance of not sharing food and drinks, and hand washing after eating.

With the quirky Rabbie by Thai’s side, follow them in their adventures as they help to educate children about food allergies.


Australia has one of the highest rates for food allergies in the world* and there is no cure

It’s estimated that one in 10 children in Australia have a food allergy. Some of these children will experience a life-threatening reaction called anaphylaxis. My Food Allergy Friends fosters allergy awareness and helps young kids understand that avoidance is the only way to prevent an allergic reaction.

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Your child care centre, kindy or school has a duty of care to provide children with food allergies with a safe and inclusive environment. Our food allergy books and sessions provide peace of mind. For teachers and group leaders, these affordable resources help prevent potentially life-threatening problems in the playground and classroom.

Most importantly, for children with food allergies it helps them on the path to ‘belonging, being and becoming’. By teaching allergy education in kindies and schools, children can learn about the hidden dangers in their lunch box that could harm a child with food allergies. They teach  children ways to keep their friends with allergies safe by not sharing food and hand washing after eating. It’s not practical to ban all foods that cause allergic reactions. We must teach young children how to stay safe, in a way they will understand.

Educational resources for parents, carers and friends


top 9 food allergens My Food Allergy Friends makes it simple to start a conversation about food allergies, share these resources with family, child care educators and schools to raise awareness of food allergies. You will also find discussion points on our resources page, craft and colouring pages to make learning interactive and fun!





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*Allergy Facts Australia
**European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI)

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‘Danger food’ has been a clear and friendly term that the girls have really understood from your books thank you!

(age 2 & 4)


‘Great pictures and excellent level of language has been used, every single night he chooses these books for bed time stories.’

(age 3)


‘If we are going out and returning home late (7pm) the kids take their bedtime stories with them and guess what 🙂

yes a Thai is with us like an epipen’

(age 4)

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