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Purchase all four children’s books in our allergy series

Thai Goes To A Birthday Party – Dealing with Food Allergies

Thai’s Big Adventure In The City – Dealing with Food Allergies

Thai’s New Friend at Kindy – Dealing with Food Allergies

Thai’s Exciting First Week at School – Dealing with Food Allergies

Food allergies are portrayed in a non-threatening way, in simple language so very young children can understand. Talking points at the back of the book help you explore food allergies in a positive way with your child. Talking about it helps your child feel more at ease with their condition and less isolated and different.

The books follow Thai & Rabbie, and their adventures discovering life with food allergies.

Each book covers various teaching points without overwhelming children with too many concepts, or too much information. They cover multiple allergens and young children can use the images to begin learning about foods they must avoid.

We also teach the saying ‘No, Danger food!’ a term that a toddler can understand. A bit like saying ‘No, Hot Oven!’ Text is also colour coded: red meaning Danger and green are safe or a positive teaching point.

We tackle a birthday party, being away from home, starting kindy and then school. The books cover normal everyday situations children face. Thai’s positive attitude shows other children food allergies don’t have to stop you from joining in.


Covers multiple food allergies

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