Starting Kindy with Food Allergies

Resources for parents and educators

Starting kindy is a big step for any child, but it can be even more challenging if your child has a food allergy.



Our new book ‘Thai’s New Friend at Kindy’ is a wonderful tool to help your child with the next step in becoming more independent. Discuss the story and the different situations your child may face while at kindy. This book is a must for any childcare centre as an educational resource to aid allergy education.





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Child Care Resources on Food Allergies

An inclusive, safe learning environment paves the way for a happy and confident adult. It’s natural for both parents and teachers to feel anxious when a child with allergies commences kindy or day care. My Food Allergy Friends is Australia’s dedicated supplier of allergy-related child care resources and educational sessions. We help your young children understand exactly how to stay safe with food allergies and minimise an allergic reaction. Giving peace of mind to parents, educators and most importantly, children with food allergies.

Help raise awareness in your Childcare Centre

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Childcare Allergy Pack
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Tadpoles Childcare Centres in Queensland are the first to lead the way and have purchased a book to educate every one of their QLD centres. We also work with Active Kids, Guardian, Goodstart, Emali Centres, Stepping Stones, Little Learning Schools and C & K to name a few.

Safe Cake at kindy

Child care and kindy resources – food allergy books, posters and EpiPen bags

My Food Allergy Friends is all about creating a safe, inclusive kindy or child care environment. All materials are developed specifically as practical, fun and engaging food allergy resources. My Food Allergy Friends provides child care centres and kindergartens with the simplest and most affordable way to incorporate food allergy awareness into the kindergarten curriculum.

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Food allergy stories created exclusively for early learning educators, teachers and parents

Thai is a kindy kid with food allergies. Thai is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, shellfish and milk. Thai’s New Friend at Kindy is all about giving children with food allergies the confidence to take the next step towards independence. It focuses on making smart choices in different situations he or his new friend Estella may face at kindy. For his classmates, it’s a fun and colourful way to learn practical skills for preventing allergic reactions at kindy.

Thai’s story is easily relatable for kids at playgroups, prep classes, extracurricular clubs and classes and any location where little ones start taking steps towards independence.

Fun, engaging educational sessions for young children

For educators concerned about their duty of care in the classroom and playground, our in-centre allergy education sessions are an excellent way to cover all your bases with your children, teaching them ways to be Food Allergy Smart. Parents of children with food allergies may approach their centres about options for educational sessions.

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Food allergy resources and information for parents, educators and teachers

These resources are hand-selected from Australia’s most trusted allergy organisations for parents and early childhood education professionals. These will help bring food allergies into your kindy curriculum and raise awareness of dangers. You’ll also find information and teacher resources on allergy management plans and first aid.

Craft & Activities for Teachers and Parents


Craft and activities for parents


When you order our books we have a selection of free colouring pages and activities teachers and parents can use. Please email us with your invoice number and we will send you the activities. Don’t forget to check out the resource page that has discussion points for each book.

Please send me craft

Insulated EpiPen Bag for Kindy


– Ideal for storing EpiPens, antihistamine and asthma medication at school.
– Customised insert allows staff to clearly identify the child, their allergies, days they attend the centre or school, medication details including expiry dates.
– Insulated and large enough for two EpiPens!
– As used by the book character Thai in our food allergy book series.

Designed by early childhood professionals to support children at risk of anaphylaxis, this insulated bag is easily identifiable in an emergency. The bag is large enough to house an Epipen or Anapen and antihistamines, yet small enough that it can be safely stored away. The clearly designed label ensures that the correct child’s medication is quickly accessed in an emergency.

Dimensions: 21.5 x 5.5 x 18 cm

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Medical ID bracelet


Medibands® provide peace of mind so that when the unexpected happens, critical medical information can be conveyed to teachers and medical professionals.


Mediband® caters for many medical conditions such as food allergies. Covering foods such as peanuts, dairy and eggs, I carry an EpiPen or anaphylaxis alert. You can also have drug allergies listed to medications such as penicillin, or alerts for other medical conditions like diabetes and epilepsy.


Mediband® offers an extensive and ever-expanding range of medical wristbands which we are proud to partner with.


If Mediband® don’t have what you’re after, they’ll make it for you!

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Childcare Pack

My Childcare Allergy Pack contains 3 preschool books, 5 child-friendly posters, plus access to craft. The posters show colourful reminders about washing hands after eating and not sharing food, perfect for childcare centres and kindergartens.

Childcare Allergy Pack

  • Educational allergy books x 3
  • 4 Child-friendly posters to rise awareness throughout your centre
  • Allergies & Me Poster
  • Craft emailed to your centre, great for allergy week
  • Further activities emailed to your centre
  • Information sheet for parents who enrol a child with allergies – Tips on starting kindy
  • Certificates emailed to your centre or you can add our gloss double-sided A5 certificates to your order
  • Links to teaching points for each book

Childcare Centres can order a childcare pack by contacting My Food Allergy Friends below.

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Help us to create a safe, inclusive kindy or child care environment by teaching ALL children about food allergies and helping our community be

Food Allergy Smart

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