Red EpiPen Bag – Insulated

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Red Insulated EpiPen Bag

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What if some of your fears, anxieties and worries surrounding yours or your child’s allergies could be lessened with a simple EpiPen bag? It might just look like a red medical bag, but it is so much more; it saves lives.

EpiPen Insulated Medicine Bag

Our red EpiPen case is a firm favourite because it can fit not one but TWO EpiPens, antihistamine, a small spacer, asthma medication, an action plan, pen, and wipes, yet it’s still small enough to store away or to hang in a classroom. Because our red Epi carrier bags are practical and affordable, they’re perfect for purchasing in multiples, so you have one for each location (home, school, backpack, grandparents.)

The most important bag you’ll ever purchase

EpiPen insulated carrier bags go beyond just providing EpiPen and asthma medication storage, they:

  • Stand out and are easily identifiable during an emergency. Perfect for kindy, childcare or school.
  • The EpiPen bag tag allows for easy identification in an emergency; the clearly designed label ensures the correct child’s medication is quickly and easily accessed.
  • The customised insert allows staff to clearly identify the child, their allergies, days of attendance, medication details and expiry dates.
  • They are specifically designed to support children at risk of anaphylaxis

Our EpiPen Bag is more than just a medication holder; it’s the most important bag you’ll ever purchase. Thai, the main character in our food allergy book series, would agree and so do our customers. Read their reviews!

Bag Dimensions: 21.5 x 5.5 x 18cm

Insulated EpiPen Bag


6 reviews for Red EpiPen Bag – Insulated

  1. Lisa Munro – Happy Tummies

    These epipen bags are the best! You can fit one or two epipens, antihistamine and even a small spacer and Ventolin in it. They’re inexpensive too so I could afford to buy a few to make my life easier! 🙂

  2. Sara

    Great quality and I am so happy, it’s the perfect size to hang on the hook outside the classroom where it’s easy accessible for teachers and creates awareness for every adult who walks through the door. We also have one for home that goes everywhere with us.

  3. Markeeta

    We have used this bag for years. It fits everything we need, 2 epipens, puffer, spacer, soap container, action plan, pen and wipes! Great quality and price. Highly recommend these medical bags.

  4. Simone

    So excited you should see our medical cupboard it looks beautiful!

  5. Liz

    We have just updated our entire Medical Cabinet, allowing for these perfect red and blue bags. The staff find them so easy to identify and the cupboard is wonderfully organised and neat ! Really great product.

  6. My Food Allergy Friends

    Thanks Jackie

    Just love using the bags, easy to distinguish and handy for our teaching staff to grab when required.
    Catherine – Administration Assistant

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