Kids Online Allergy Program – Part 1 Birthdays





This 6 part online allergy program helps children learn about allergies in a fun way.

Covering various teaching points without overwhelming children with too many concepts, or too much information.

Kids Online allergy program

Join Thai on his adventures.

Part 1 includes the first book in the allergy series. It’s a fun story, showing how to handle food allergies at birthday parties.

Your child can listen to the video book again and again. Then you can use our parent resource sheets to help further discussions with your child as well as try out all the craft and activities to make learning fun!

Part 1 covers four main areas: 


How to keep yourself safe

Birthday parties

How to teach your friends about allergies

The Food Allergy SMART Program is the first online allergy awareness program for children and parents. The program is aimed at young children and can be used to educate your child about their allergies along with any siblings.

The allergy program will provide children with basic knowledge about allergies and begin supporting them on the journey to self-advocate. It is split up into modules that can be done all at once or gradually over time. Part 1 focuses on birthday parties, something that you may find challenging when navigating your new life with food allergies. For parents, we have also included some helpful tips. We also look at

  • Taking safe food
  • Tips for hosting a party
  • Tips for attending parties
  • Ideas for childcare birthdays

There are also extra activities parents can use such as worksheets, craft, activities, cooking ideas, birthday party ideas, and common questions asked.

What children are learning

  • We look at different allergens
  • We learn to recognise allergens
  • How to keep yourself safe
  • Ways to become Food Allergy Smart
  • Teaching friends about allergies
  • Food allergies don’t stop you having fun
  • The importance of carrying your EpiPens 
  • Others peoples food can make us sick
  • Helps develop skills to handle social situations
  • The importance of checking food labels
  • Why you must speak up if you feel unwell
  • How your friends and family can keep you safe

The program shows children and parents how everyday situations can be handled and enjoyed.

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