School Allergy Pack

A Fun, Interactive, Curriculum-Aligned Program

School Allergy Pack

The School Allergy Pack is designed to support teachers in educating students about allergies using our interactive educational books, visual posters and activities. 

Suitable for: Prep – Grade 3

The books portray food allergies in a non-threatening way, in simple language so young students can understand. We have a resource page for teachers with discussion points that they can print out and you are emailed classroom activities. This helps to reinforce teaching points and opens further discussion on food allergies and how it may relate to your school or classroom.

Each pack comes with our Australian curriculum-aligned Teachers Guide.







Each book has several Key Teaching Points

– A unique teaching resource for teachers to explain food allergies clearly for young children

– Providing allergy awareness in a non-threatening way.

– Continual support with certificates, discussion points and classroom activities. Providing teachers ongoing

  material for future students, keeping the Food Allergy Smart program running each year.

– Bright, visual aids to engage children.

The Program creates thought-provoking conversations, engaging stories and creates understanding and inclusion in schools.


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The School Allergy Pack, Curriculum-Aligned Program

School Allergy Pack

The pack includes:

  • Four educational children’s books – with teaching points

  • Printable Discussion points for teachers

  • 10 allergy awareness posters – visual posters for preps who are not yet reading

  • Tips for parents – starting school sheet – emailed and hard copy to share with parents

  • Parent guide on food allergies

  • Certificates, activity sheets and handouts are emailed to your school

  • Teachers Guide – Australian curriculum aligned

  • Facts for your newsletter


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School Allergy Sessions 

School Allergy Awareness Sessions - Hukanui School NZ

Our allergy sessions are specifically designed to raise food allergy awareness in the classroom and encourage students to practise safe prevention strategies. Through our interactive SMART sessions, we help students become Food Allergy Smart.

Sessions are aimed at 2 age groups:

  • 3-5 years – preschool and early learning centres
  • Prep – Grade 3 – primary school

These sessions are always fun and create lots of discussions.

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Benefits of the Food Allergy SMART Program

1 in 10 infants will be diagnosed with food allergy in Australia

  • Reduces bullying as children are aware of the seriousness of allergies
  • Normalises allergies
  • Creates food allergy awareness and understanding
  • Creates a safer environment
  • Students learn how to recognise an allergic reaction and know how to get help
  • Improves understanding of food allergies and anaphylaxis
  • Life-threatening allergies are not confined to nuts
  • Peers supporting friends
  • Reduces social anxiety for allergic children
  • Including all children – teaches inclusiveness and empathy
  • Assists schools to meet their duty of care requirements
  • Reduces chances of an allergic reaction by allergy awareness and minimising allergens within the classroom
  • Brings the school community together and reduces bullying


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What Teachers are Saying About the Program


‘Fantastic educational books that are easy to read’ 

Primary School Teacher


Thank you so much for visiting our school.  I have had such wonderful compliments and praise from the staff regarding your presentation.

Deputy Principal



‘Great pictures and excellent level of language has been used’

Primary School Teacher

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